5 Flies to Get You Through November

We are mid-way through the month of November which means many of us are transitioning out of fall and into winter. Days become shorter and colder which means it is time to transition our mindsets to maximizing the opportunities we have on the water before the dark of the night creeps in. Although nymphs tend to work year-round, winter is when trout tend to key in on the abundance river beds have to offer. Hatches will tend to slow and trout lean towards saving energy rather than exerting it while the water temps are colder. You know what that means right? Time to bring out the flash! In this tips and tricks video of the week, Tanner Smith of Trouts Fly Fishing breaks down 5 effective nymph patterns for the month of November.

5 Flies to Get Your Through the Month of November:

1. Flashback Pheasant Tail (Size 16-20)

2. Zebra Midge (Size 18-20)

3. Massacre Midge (Size 18-20)

4. Purple Copper John (Size 16-18)

5. Extra Heavy Rainbow Warrior (Size 16-18)

Although this time of year may be more difficult than others, you can be sure if you have these flies in your box you will also find the fish. These flies can be tied in multiple varieties with many different materials. One thing is for sure in November, a little bit of flash goes a long way. Don’t hesitate to fish something a little out of your comfort zone because it might just lead you to the fish of a lifetime. Winter months can often be very rewarding for trout if you are willing to brave the frozen toes and finger tips. Best of luck on the water during the month of November!

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