Santa’s 6 Tips For Winter Fishing

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_DSC8445It’s no secret that this is the busy season for the man in the red suit. What is a bit of a secret, however, is that unbeknownst to everyone on his team, he’s been sneaking out of his North Pole compound on the morning of Christmas Eve for a little self-care.


Santa explained: “Everyone is always resting or prepping for our big night of gift delivery. The elves are tired from building toys for eleven months straight, the reindeer are getting their tack prepped for their big night, and god only knows what Mrs. Klaus is doing. The truth is, the morning of the 24th was just getting really boring for me.” So, what is Ol’ Saint Nic to do?


“A few decades back, I decided enough was enough, so I picked up my fly rod and headed to my favorite, neighborhood stream.” No one seemed to notice his absence, or no one really cared. As a result of one or both of those aforementioned items being true, he’s been making this part of his Christmas tradition ever since.


We must have been extra nice this year because we were fortunate enough to spend Christmas Eve morning with the fat man, himself, wetting a line at one of Kris Kringle’s favorite fishin’ holes. While we were there, Ol’ Saint Nic was kind enough to share with us his top-six tips for fishing during the giving season.

1. Fish when it’s coldest


I don’t know if it’s just me but winter weather has never been much of a bother. The colder the better, I say. This allows me to get out and enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet while everyone else is sitting inside their homes roasting chestnuts on an open fire, or whatever that song is all about. For those of you who are a bit more sensitive to arctic temperatures, just prepare yourself for whatever weather you’ll be facing on the river. Something I’ve been leaving in lots of stockings the past few years are hand and toe warmers. Grab yourself a few packs and get ready to have warm hands and the river all to yourself.

2. Trout don’t care what you’re wearing


If I see camo waders on one more wishlist, I’m going to lose my mind. Instead of worrying about having the freshest, fanciest camouflage everything, how about practice a little bit of stealth?  It’s true, fish can see. It’s also true that if they see you dancing around the riverbank like my favorite elf, Buddy, then they’re probably not going to be very cooperative when it comes time to eat a fly. Walk more quietly, don’t splash through the river before you assess the situation, try not to fish downstream. It’s pretty simple stuff, really. I mean, remember what I’m wearing, folks, and I still catch fish.


3. Have the right gear, and a proper Yakoda Bag to throw it in!

_DSC8413Even though my Santa suit keeps me warm and cozy on the water having a few other pieces of gear can really help you enjoy your time on the water. My go-to bag for carrying my gear is the Yakoda’s Drifter Gear Transport 2.0 and they recently launched a new white colorway that goes perfectly with winter adventures on the water!


I brought a few extra gifts with me for some lucky anglers I met on the water…


4. Keep your fly box simple.


It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to fly selection, but when you have as little time as I do to get out on the water, it really pays to keep it simple. The menu is pretty small during the winter anyway. If you limit your selection, you’ll find yourself spending a lot less time changing flies and a lot more time perfecting your presentation. If you have a box loaded with a handful of different midges, baetis, eggs, and maybe even some mysis depending upon where you find yourself, you should be good to go.

We love these Yakoda Made in USA Fly Boxes

5. Mind the redds


This should almost be annoying to hear by now, but it’s nowhere near as annoying as seeing someone walk right through a redd like it isn’t there. By Christmas time, the spawning should be done, but that’s no reason to forget about the redds. You wouldn’t believe how many people spend their entire fall fishing season avoiding fishing to spawning fish (re: “nice” list) only to stampede across redds in December. If fishing redds will land you on the naughty list, carelessly walking through them will make it permanent.


6. Don’t forget about your family


While it’s always nice to sneak away from the house when things are getting a little too Griswold, please make sure you get home at a decent hour. This season is about family. Without them, who would be there to help you drink eggnog and make fun of cousin Eddie? So go ahead, make that next one your last cast and hit the road back home. Who knows? You might find something really special under the tree with your name on it when you get there. 


Can’t wait to hit the water again with you next year! Have a wonderful Christmas!


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Written by Mark RauschenbergerAKA Santa

Photos by Jesse Packwood for Flylords

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