Salmon River, NY Report & Tips: March 13, 2020

Image used by permission from @k_spills

Lake Ontario And River Summary

This previous weekend and week can be characterized with high water however as we enter Drop Back Season fishing continues to improve. Due to the high water, there were not many anglers fishing but most of the anglers that fished and reported stated that they were able to land some fish.

This Coming Weekend

High water will continue this weekend and maybe next week. Currently, the water is running at 2700 CFS, and Brookfield release is 2200 CFS until Saturday. In the past, high water would dissuade me, but the more I learn, I have realized that high water is much better for steelhead fishing. Below are some great tips for fishing for steelhead in high water.

Guide Tips

Image used by permission from @oz_angling
Three Pro Tips For Steelhead Fishing In High Water from @oz_angling who are Kevin Spillett(@k_spills) and Jake Metcalf(@jake_metcalf_144) own and operate a tackle shop in Oswego NY. Both Jake and Kevin grew up fishing the Salmon River and Oswego and have guided on it. Jake give us three tips to be successful fishing in high water during the spring and in drop back season.

When the water is high, the fish have no choice but to move into the slow water along the banks. For bank anglers, high water is much more efficient as you don’t need to cast far, nor do you need to wonder where the fish are. During low water or mid-water period, they are going to be hiding in the deep pools and much harder to find, but during high water, they will be in very obvious spots in the seams closest to the banks.

The high water always brings stain, so using bigger bait, beads or flies, brighter colors, and even using scent will get you more fish. During this time pink and black are really great colors.

Steelhead, as they are in the slow water outside of the high water, are going to be hugging the bottom. However, most anglers can get down to the bottom, but because the water speed above or adjacent will make the bait too fast for the steelhead to grab. This is one of the main reasons why anglers fail during high water. Getting down and slowing down is the most important thing that you can do during a high water period.

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Douglaston Salmon Run

Due to weather and high water not as many fished and with higher water yesterday the DSR fishing was closed. They will continue to be closed until the water level recedes below 2000 CFS. Please check their website for further information.

If water does recede below 2000 CFS but is still high, I recommend that you not cross the river but fish the northside from the west staircase to the midsection. Most of those sections have these small diversions that will now be filled with water and could potentially have fish in it.

Due to daylight savings, this is a great time to fish afternoons. The cost is cheaper, and you can fish a full day from 1 to 8 PM. Best deal of the season.

Town and Pulaski

I received some reports from the Short Bridge in town, but only one hook up. The High Bridge was difficult to fish because you have to cross over, but some anglers were able to get into fish below the upper Staircase along the bank in the slow water.

I received two reports from Ball Park and one report from behind the Tops parking lot that anglers were able to get into fish.

81 to Altmar

The reports from 81 to Compactor was fairly quiet. Received one report from the train tracks that they got some grabs but no fish to hand. There were some reports of good fishing at Pineville in the offshoots of the river. Trestles and Ellis were quiet during the previous week. Most positive reports came from Wires to Lower Fly Zone.
Reports Provided by @SalmonRiverNewbie

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