Salmon River, NY Report & Tips: Jan. 30, 2020

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Lake Ontario And Summary

It is cold out there but fishing has started to heat up. We double-checked this and we have received confirmation from multiple reliable sources that the river is fishing better. There are different pockets that are not fishing as well but from an overall perspective, the fishing has vastly improved.
Right now, the water is at 350CFS and although not considered the best water for Steelhead it opens up other spots as anglers are able to access spots because they can wade and cross the river.

This Coming Weekend

Today and this coming weekend, we are going to see improved weather conditions and even some sunshine. If fishing this weekend, we recommend that you fish early light and then after the sun comes up to go for deeper holes on the rest of the river. There may be some pockets of shelf ice or slush but very minimal.

How long will this last? We are not sure, but every week since the end of December the fishing has improved.

Pro Tips

Image used by permission from @cityflynyc

Three Pro Tips For Tying Flies For Steelhead on the Salmon River from Brian Sheppard @cityflynyc who is a guide, fly tier, fly tying instructor. Here are his three tips for tying flies for Steelhead on the Salmon River.

1. Always tie two variations of the same fly…
A sparse and fuller option or a large or smaller version of the same fly will help with quick-changing conditions on the river. Sometimes it’s not the actual pattern but the variation that will make the difference in your productivity.

2. See Snow? Go Blue.
As soon as there is snow on the ground in the region, switch to a pattern with blue. This color is a well-known secret amongst locals that fish the Lake Ontario tributaries.

3. Learn From Old School Salmon Tyers. You only need 2 or 3 wraps to hold most material — much more than that you are building bulk.

Brian’s Hottest Selling Flies For Steelhead
Slivernator (white), Nuke Eggs(12-14), White Death.

Douglaston Salmon Run

Fishing has improved over the last few months. Some days are a bit more difficult than others, but overall, the fishing has improved. Last weekend @upstateonthefly was able to swing and land a beautiful steelhead on a dry fly line. As you know, swinging in the winter is not as efficient, but adding a dry line makes it ten times harder, but he was able to get it done.

If fishing this weekend, we recommend that you start down below early before the sun is up. Once the sun is up, you will need to adjust to the deeper holes and slow your drifts. The water is going to be very clear, so using a lighter line and smaller patterns are going to be the most productive.

Town and Pulaski

There were a few reports, and they were all positive. In the early morning, there have been some reports from Lower Staircase and Upper Ball Park with fish movement. Otherwise, the holes to fish are going to be Upper Staircase, Long Bridge, and Town Bridge.

81 to Altmar

The fishing from Tailwaters/Schoolhouse/Wires to the Lower Fly Zone has been consistent all winter with some improvements in the last few weeks. However, the most significant improvements have come from 81, 2A, Pineville, Sportsman, Trestles, and Ellis. All of these are seeing anglers getting into fish. Due to the weather being more cooperative this weekend, you may find more pressure on the Lower Fly Zone. We encourage you to look beyond and look for less pressured waters as the whole river is improving.

Reports Provided by @SalmonRiverNewbie

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