Sage Presents – “Nymphing Applications | R8 CORE”

If there’s anybody that understands the subsurface feeding habits of educated trout – and what it takes to feed, hook, and land them – it’s Matt Heron. Day in and day out, the Truckee River sees its fair share of anglers – for good reason, too. It’s a technical fishery that often leaves anglers with a feast or famine type of experience. Matt needs a rod with the power to turn over heavy nymph rigs, but with the sensitivity to protect light tippets and intuitively control each drift.
We got the chance to hear from Matt about the shoot and how the R8 CORE performs on his home waters of the Truckee. 

From Matt:

“When the film crew got in we were dealing with some of the worst hoot owl restrictions ever and a serious fire a couple of miles away. We scrambled to make this amazing film happen utilizing early mornings and you can see some of the smoke in the film.”

“The Truckee is a river where we have to fish really deep. Our fish are feeding horizontally not vertically so we do a lot of nymphing…. it was pretty cool to sling bobbers, splitshot, and nymphs easily with what we had access to at the time, the 9 footers. I am looking forward to getting the 10 foot 4wt and 10 foot 5wt in my hands because it is going to be a gamechanger for what I am doing on the Truckee.”

“The 410 and 510 R8 CORE’s are going to be how I make a living for the foreseeable future.”

If you want to learn more about how the rod performed on Matt’s home waters of the Truckee River give the film a watch over on Sage Fly Fishing’s Youtube HERE.

If you are looking to get your hands on the new R8 CORE head over to your local fly shop or check it out on Sage’s website HERE.

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