Sage Presents: “Dry Fly Applications | Sage R8 CORE”

In the world of dry fly fishing, Craig, MT is mecca – and Mark Raisler? Well, if Craig had a mayor, he’d be it. That’s because Craig is situated right along the banks of the famed Missouri River. With more bug-life than arguably any other trout fishery in the world, “The MO” offers anglers some of the best and most technical dry-fly fishing opportunities anywhere in the world. For Mark, he needs a rod where you are in complete control of the presentation – from cast to touchdown to drift – and his R8 CORE gives him that.
We got the chance to hear from Mark about the shoot and how the R8 CORE performs on his home waters of “The MO”.

From Mark:

“That rod is really a fantastic tool, I’m a big fan of the dry fly, although on our fishery on “The Mo” we do it all. It is common for us to do some streamer fishing a little during the day, nymph fish a little, and then dry flies as well. Having a multi-application tool like the R8 is perfect for us, especially on the Missouri.”

“We had a great time filming, not however the best time for the dry flies. I think you might have seen the only two takes we got that whole time we were filming. We were supposed to film this in August for the tricos, but as with most of the west, the smoke was so bad from all the fires.”

“I think with a dry fly rig you really have an opportunity to slow down and feel what is happening with the rod. With this rod, I was able to feel the line through the rod. For the advanced angler, this is really exciting.”

“There is magic in that rod.”

If you want to learn more about how the rod performed on Mark’s home waters of “The Mo” give the film a watch over on Sage Fly Fishing’s Youtube HERE.

If you are looking to get your hands on the new R8 CORE head over to your local fly shop or check it out on Sage’s website HERE.

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