Representative Jared Huffman Works to Protect Bristol Bay and Block Pebble Mine

Earlier this week, Representative Jared Huffman [California-02] voiced his opposition to the potential Pebble Mine project in Bristol Bay’s headwaters. Rep. Huffman, who chairs the Democrat-led Subcommittee on Water, Oceans, and Wildlife, penned a letter to Army Corps of Engineers’ officials highlighting many of the problems with the Pebble’s draft environmental impact statement and potential environmental threats to the Bristol Bay watershed and fishery. 53 other members of congress joined Rep. Huffman in signing this important letter. The letter, which can be found here, discusses many of the concerns for Pebble Mine, including: “the livelihoods and way of life of Bristol Bay tribes, village corporations, fishermen, hunters, anglers, local business owners, and other stakeholders will be put at risk if the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permits the Pebble Mine.”

In Rep. Huffman’s  press release for the congressional comment letter, his office wrote: “today’s congressional comment letter criticizes the Army Corps’ inadequate draft environmental impact statement for failing to address reasonably-foreseeable impacts of the Pebble Mine on Bristol Bay fisheries, communities, public lands, and cultures; for disregarding concerns about Pebble’s unprecedented water treatment plan; and for ignoring impacts associated with fully developing the Pebble Mine.”

In addition to spearheading this Congressional effort to provide oversight for the controversial Pebble Mine project, Rep. Huffman has also utilized another congressional tool: the power of the purse. He proposed an amendment to an upcoming appropriations bill, which would further delay Pebble’s permitting process by cutting funding for the required Army Corps of Engineers final environmental impact statement.

Rep. Huffman, thank you for your efforts in supporting Bristol Bay. Even from his home district of Northern California, Rep. Huffman understands the delicate national treasure that is Bristol Bay and the threat that is Pebble Mine. Hopefully, this letter and proposed amendment draw even more attention, and furthers the efforts to permanently protect Bristol Bay!

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This article was written by Flylords’ Conservation Editor, Will Poston.

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