Last week, we wrote about a proposed Congressional amendment that would further delay the inadequate Pebble Mine permitting process. You can find more details and read that article, by clicking on this link. In any event, the public comment period ends in just 12 days, and Congressional support for this amendment is of the upmost importance. The House Energy and Water Appropriations bill, which would fund the required Army Corps of Engineer’s final environmental impact statement, will begin its markup stage shortly. Thankfully, Rep. Huffman has proposed an amendment, which would prohibit any funds within this appropriations bill from being used for Pebble Mine’s final environmental impact statement.

Rep. Huffman with some nice catches!

So, those of us who have shown continuous support for Bristol Bay–for what seems like years now–must continue that support by urging our Representatives to vote Yes on Rep. Huffman’s amendment. You can do this by visiting Trout Unlimited’s “Take Action” page and completing the form. The ‘Huffman amendment’ will be voted on in the House Appropriations Committee markup shortly. Time is running out, and this move by Huffman could be the most effective defense against Pebble Mine becoming a reality.

Again, visit this link to tell Representatives to vote YES on the Huffman amendment. Or, if you feel extra motivated by this development, check out the members of the House Appropriations Committee and reach out to their offices on your own.

Photo curtesy of Mike Coopman’s Guide Service.

Representative Jared Huffman Works to Protect Bristol Bay and Block Pebble Mine

This article was written by Conservation Editor, Will Poston.

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