Pumpkin Carving Contest Finalists

This year we introduced the first ever Flylords Pumpkin Carving Contest. Thanks to our awesome sponsors Costa Sunglasses, and Post Fly Box for helping out with the prizes. We had over 50 Pumpkin submissions, all fly fishing related. It’s awesome to see artistic people this passionate about fishing and Halloween! 

Below we chose our favorite designs from this year’s contest. Please choose your favorite and leave the number in the comment section below!

1. Entry from flyline_productions

2. Entry from @kevinbird360

 3. Entry from @alpineleisureco

 4. Entry from @kt_sweetbean

 5. Entry from @fishinfron

 6. Entry from @rangerskid

 7. Entry from @jessicarosekruger

 8. Entry from @fishanderson16

 9. Entry from @crh_onthefly

 10. Entry from @aj.gross

11. Entry from @bash0860 

 12. Entry from @littl3giant

 13. Entry from @abergslien

 14. Entry from @robles.josh

 15. Entry from @605_stream_junkie

 16. Entry from @timjohnsongallery

 17. Entry from @michellejb__

 18. Entry from @masefetz

 19. Entry from @thejoshmorgan

Make sure you vote for your favorite pumpkin carving by commenting it’s number below! If you are in the competition please do not vote for yourself (:

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