Product Review: Denver Outfitters Rod Vault

Last week we sat down with the team at @DenverOutfitters to talk about the history of the company, some of the challenges they have faced in the past, and ultimately why they are a better brand today.

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We then asked them if we could test out one of their latest rod vaults. We had a steelhead trip to upstate NY planned and thought this would be a good opportunity to test out the product. The first thing we enjoyed about the Rod Vault was a quick, safe delivery. 2 days after our request, the Rod Vault showed up, safely packaged and ready to roll. The installation took about 1 hour and overall was an easy project. All our rods fit perfectly, including the 8 weight T&T Zone rod, which comes with a fighting butt.

After a few days of testing out the product here are our first thoughts.

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1.) The Rod Vault made our fly fishing commute easier.
I don’t care what your local fishery looks like when you travel to a fishing spot it takes time to break down and set up your fly rods. Plain and simple, the Rod Vault saves you time on the water, which is what we are all looking for in the long run, “more time on the water”. One of the best aspects to outfitting your vehicle with a Rod Vault is that it stores your rods where they should be – on the outside of your vehicle. There is nothing worse than having to deal with dogs jumping over fly rods inside the truck, foul hooks in your car seat or worse, your friend, where the whole situation could have been avoided by mounting a vault. Plus you don’t have to break down your rods everytime you change sections while drifting a river.
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2.) Our Rods Were Protected.
Even though we only had a few days to test out this product, our rods stayed safe and sound after every use. Not only did they fit well with fighting butts, and large arbor reels, but the lock system seemed like it had a major update from the previous models. I feel safe keeping my rods up there, and if you live in a dangerous neighborhood maybe consider bringing your rods inside at the end of the day.
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3.) Installation was easy.
Not only was shipping fast, but installation was easy. We did have to purchase two small Allen Wrenches, which I wish they included in the package… Other than that, I am usually not a very “Handy Person” and I was able to get this thing up and running in under 1 hour.

untitled (2 of 29)4.)The rod Vault looks sexy and helps you catch more fish…
To be honest, once the Vault was installed I think it looked pretty good on the roof of the wrangler. We also had a pretty awesome trip in upstate NY and found some fish with the Tailwater Lodge crew! untitled (1 of 29)In conclusion, we are very happy with the first few days of fishing with this product. We have not tested out other similar products in the market, but we are definitely happy with the quality of this product and the purpose that it serves. If you have any questions about what we think please feel free to reach out. We will continue to use this product into ’19. untitled (7 of 29)If you are interested in a Denver Outfitters Rod Vault – follow this Link:
Use Code THEFLYLORDS for 10% off your holiday order. untitled (24 of 29)

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