Potential World Record Redfish Caught on the Fly



Rob Choi awaits IGFA confirmation on his potential world record redfish that he caught fly fishing on his kayak off of Virginia’s coast. Choi, a sponsored kayak angler, has caught much respectable fish on his kayak, but this redfish may top them all! We were lucky enough to talk to Choi about his epic catch. He had this to say on his catch, “I set the hook and was off on a sleigh ride! Choi is describing the terrifyingly awesome event that happens when kayak anglers hook into big fish–we can only imagine the sleigh ride this brutish redfish gave Choi! Additionally, Choi told us that “the fish took me into the backing twice!” In the meantime, Choi has his “fingers crossed that IGFA certifies the catch,” because his fish was 53 lbs and “the previous record for 20 lb tippet was 41 lbs.” Hopefully, the IGFA confirms this catch, regardless, congrats on your awesome catch, Rob!

You can find Rob on Instagram at @robchoi

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