Can you spot the Redfish?

A recent video posted by Jake Haselgrove (@dr.scalez) on Instagram featured incredible aerial footage capturing a school of Drum and a singular Redfish cruising through the mangroves.

A message from @dr.scalez

Haselgrove: “I took that video a few years ago; it was a pretty epic day and almost perfect conditions, so I decided to fly the drone around to get some cool scene shots and stumbled across that large school. At first, there was the school of Drum closer to the mangroves and a school of about a dozen Redfish each before putting the drone up again. What you see in this video is what’s left after we caught a few fish. It’s pretty cool footage–you can see my buddy, Stone, dropping the fly on the outside of the school, but they were pretty turned off by then. However, we did get a few Drum to eat after spooking most of the school.”

For more tips and tricks targeting Redfish check out the article below:

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