Eugene, Oregon Police Warn Driver Towing Boat with Sedan

This is certainly a post inspired by our friends over at the Qualified Captain!

Last month, police in Eugene, Oregon issued a warning to the person driving this legendary rig. Who knows if the Ford Escort even has the engine capacity to tow that Bayliner. But we certainly applaud whatever backyard engineering went into mounting that tow hitch in the trunk.

According to the police, the driver of the sedan was living in the boat as well.

Photo from KVAL13

Since the warning was issued, the boat has found a more permanent home, moored on the side of a highway where the driver assumingly dumped it.

According to KVAL13, “Attempts to hail the skipper from the side of the road were unsuccessful.”

What’s the strangest rig you’ve ever seen towing a boat on public roads?

You can learn more about the boat and its adventures, in this article from KVAL13!

Sources: KPIC4 // KVAL13

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