This week features, April from the Anchored Podcast interviewing Guido Rahr of the Wild Salmon Center. With all the recent conservation efforts surrounding Pebble Mine and Salmon and Steelhead Conversation, it only made sense to get some background on the Wild Salmon Center and the man leading this organization.

Guido Rahr is the president and CEO of the Wild Salmon Center, an organization focused on the health of salmonid populations of Canada, Russia, Mongolia, and the USA. Guido has helped the Wild Salmon Center raise over $100 million in grants, develop new scientific research, establish 6 million acres of habitat management designations—and that’s only the start. Check out this episode of Anchored, to learn more about his path to stewardship, fishing in Russia and Bristol Bay, and snakes.

Be sure to check out our interview with the Wild Salmon Center below:

Nonprofit of the Month: The Wild Salmon Center

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