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Photography has been a part of my life for longer than I actually realized. When I start to really think about it, photography has been with me from an early age. It all started as a young kid, tirelessly flipping through snowboarding magazines every day on my bus route.

leadville drone 2.jpgSnowboarding’s influence burned composition and creativity with a lens into my subconscious. Photography was how myself and others saw the world of riding every month in print.

Not only did traditional print showcase the raw talent of riders but also the creative ability of those with tiny little machines, capturing a millisecond of time to be relayed back to the drooling shredders of the day.

I found the imagery in magazines to be just as interesting as the skater from early on. The photographer had complete storytelling control and the ability to freeze only the most creative moments in time.The creative process of capturing that moment was ultimately just as cool if not better than any trick performed.It wasn’t until after moving to Colorado 10 years ago, did this subconscious art form that I analyzed and studied for so many hours in my youth, come to fruition in my hands through fly-fishing. leadville drone.jpgThe west boasts breathtaking views, lending well to photographers. You can showcase rolling hills or towering peaks, small spring creeks or wide-open rivers, all within a day’s drive. It has a lot to offer to a camera lens.

Fly fishing itself is an inherently beautiful art form. There are varying skills sets needed to achieve one goal- to be in the presence of a wild and exquisite creature.

drone green river drift boat.jpg

Honestly, everything in fishing has a beauty to it, the cast which is a constantly progressing art form, the tactful and thoughtful fight, and the flawless net.

Old Moe tying with doug low angle_

Then there’s the scenic beauty of it, drifting down rivers by boat and the way one ties their flies, the list goes on.

It was only a matter of time before the camera made its way into the equation. Once everything came together in my head and I recognized the amount of beauty around me, it was game on. The quest to document the best moments of the day or showcase a trip in a creative way was as important to me as the chase for the tug.

Rainbow Close up drip_

Snowboarding showed me photography and creativity, Colorado showed me natural beauty, and fly-fishing showed me how to put it all together, into one package that has since changed how I view the world.

Dave Reilly is a resort, snowboarding and fly-fishing photographer based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Follow is photography on Instagram @the_lifeofreilly_ or visit his website at for inquiries.

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