Riki Describes the fight and how another fish bit him on the heel:
At one point the Galvan Torque 12 got jammed. The spool stuck, the drag hardly worked and the whole reel could basically only go one direction. The fish was still dogging fast – and towards the bloody snags on the right side. In between the bleeding knuckles & swollen index finger, the reel was forced to pay its return on investment. When that fish decided to go for one more dash for freedom, as the reel was cranked opposite to its current revolution; the spool came out. In style. It literally catapulted at least 20 feet into the water and left all of us in pure awe. The fish was still dogging… One of the fish bit me in the heel when I was in the water having a photo. I might’ve caught his girl or something. Haha. These things are crazy.

Here is another smaller Grouper from the past. Make sure to check out Riki on Instagram 

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