Photo Essay: Stripers in New Hampshire

Surfcasting the diverse New Hampshire seacoast is an endurance game; strong winds, hard strips, long casts, and even longer days.

 On this 90 degree Sunday, changing locations was also an integral part of the equation. We were sweating in our boots, craving some cool refuge–and apparently so were the striped bass.

After an unproductive morning on the rocky, windswept shores of Odiorne Point State Park, a change of scenery was vital to our prospects of finding a tight line. Everything was working against us. However, we found that enduring an 20 mph winds, an hour and a half in weekender traffic, and a strenuous uptide paddle was the price to pay.

We finally beached our kayaks and paddleboards on the glassy flats of Hampton Harbor just in time to catch the swing tide and the sunset, and it was as if some fishy power flipped the switch on us. In a matter of minutes, Steve, Chris, and I were singled, doubled, tripled up on a ravenous pod of schoolie stripers.

And just as the burns on our stripping fingers grew deep and red, our homie Ryan stole the show in the 4th quarter with a 27″ cow that took him halfway to Europe. After all those hours passed and miles trekked, we walked off that beach with torn up thumbs and ear-to-ear grins. Happy not just because of that beauty of a fish… but because our beer was still cold too!”

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Photos by: @s_passarelli 

Words by: @jawnberg


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