Penn State Fly Fishing Receives Historic Endowment

Legendary angler Joe Humphreys (left) and current director of the Penn State Fly Fishing Program George Daniels (right), pictured here behind Humphreys’ gristmill residence on Spring Creek in Oak Hall in October 2021. Credit: Penn State.

Penn State University is home to the country’s oldest fly fishing club and fly fishing education program. Over the decades, familiar faces like Joe Humphreys and George Daniel have taken the helm of the program in Happy Valley. Recently, the University announced a huge quarter of a million-dollar endowment that will ensure that Penn State Fly Fishing continues on for decades to come!

From Penn State University:

Wrestling fans flanked fly-fishing enthusiasts at the Penn State vs. Rutgers tournament on the night of Jan. 16, drawn together by a 93-year-old Penn State alumnus whose decades of achievements have spanned both sports. Before garnering fame as a world-renowned fly fishing icon, Joe Humphreys faced down foes on the wrestling mats of Rec Hall and demonstrated an athletic prowess that he would later parlay into acumen as a coach and instructor, culminating in his induction into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2012 and the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame in 2013.

University officials chose the wrestling event as an apt backdrop to announce the receipt of an anonymous gift that will honor Humphreys’ legacy and provide substantial financial support to Penn State’s fly fishing program. The $250,000 endowment will help to secure the program’s status as a top-tier educational leader in the sport of angling.

You can learn more about the endowment and the Penn State Fly Fishing Program in this PSU press release!

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