Patagonia Allowing Dealers to Offer Discounts

Patagonia usually has quite a lockdown on the pricing of their gear, sales are limited and are strictly governed by the company itself. Previously, dealers who put Patagonia gear on sale risked losing their ability to sell the brand altogether. Well, in an unprecedented move, the outdoors company has allowed dealers to put their gear on sale as dealers continue to suffer losses due to the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdowns.

Andy Leister from Vail Valley Anglers stated, “We want to thank Patagonia for recognizing the upfront hit the entire outdoor industry is taking financially and allowing us to go on sale with their entire line of world-class products. Our online store is the only way we are able to stay in business for the near future and purchasing through us, rather than Amazon or direct, is supporting our ability to serve the fly fishing public for the future. Thank you for your kindness and support during these incredibly difficult times.”

So, if you’ve had your eyes on new Patagonia gear, head to your favorite dealer’s online store and get to shopping. Small outdoor retailers need our support now more than ever!

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