Orvis Launches Brand’s First TV Ad

Orvis just launched the first ever TV advertisements in the company’s 150-year history. They partnered with advertising agency Admirable Devil to create the 30-second spot, you may have seen some of their other work in the Scientific Anglers’ Zonker Time video series. Does this mean we will be seeing more and more fly fishing brands advertising on national television? I guess we’ll have to tune in to find out.

From Admirable Devil:

“The first foray into TV for The Orvis Company, the 150-year old retailer that invented catalog marketing, launched this week. Ads aim to raise brand awareness just in time for Father’s Day.

Agency, Admirable Devil started working with Orvis three years ago on the launch of their latest fly rod in the Helios series introducing a modern, edgy look to match a modern-looking rod. Black and white imagery and graphic design stands out in any fishing publication. That work lead to an invite to a competitive strategy assignment to help Orvis unite its categories – fly fishing, hunting, dog, and home. The agency beat out several agencies to develop the brand platform, and now has two :30 television spots launching on national cable under a new campaign and brand tagline for Orvis, The Great Awaits. Print has been testing in-market for a year in Garden & Gun, The Drake and other pubs, and was collaboratively developed with Orvis in-house team.

“We know we have low brand awareness,” says Simon Perkins, a third-generation member of Orvis owner the Perkins family in a recent AdAge article. “When people get to know us, they like us, but we need to make it easier for them to get to know us.”

The new ads aim to show people with a passion for the outdoors that Orvis is an authentic, accessible brand that understands the anticipation you feel when pursuing your passion in the outdoors. The first spot unites the brand categories in an upbeat anthem built on the immediate feeling of anticipation while the second spot creates anticipation for a life lived well with the outdoors as the backdrop.”

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