Oregon Angler Survives 17 Days Before Rescue

Photo: Michael Sullivan/The News-Review)
Featured image from Michael Sullivan/The News-Review

Harry Burleigh was hiking in the Twin Lakes area of Douglas County, Oregon for an “in-and-out” fishing trip that he thought would be an easy hike. Burleigh is an avid and experienced outdoorsman but said he failed to understand completely what this hike would entail.

“I dropped all of my protocols that I would normally follow,” Harry said. “I didn’t implement the seven P’s: Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.”

He even spoke about leaving behind the usual necessities like a water bottle making his time stranded in the field difficult.

“It sounds funny, but it’s so true. You gotta take those kind of considerations when going out in Mother Nature,” he said. “And if you’re not prepared for it, she’ll hammer you.”

After losing the trail on the “easy” hike in Harry became disoriented and thus began his survival ordeal in the Oregon woods.

When he didn’t return home on the 6th of May, his family became worried and contacted officials, starting a search and rescue operation that would last more than 2 weeks. During his time surviving in the woods, Harry managed to build a makeshift survival shelter and campsite, which rescuers found and used to contact him. After finding his camp and leaving a note, it only took a day for rescuers to return and rescue Mr. Burleigh.

You can read more about the event, here on The News-Review!

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