A new study published in the Marine Pollution Bulletin by a team of English and Norweign researchers, has determined that plastic litter and refuse in the oceans cost global society an estimated $2.5 Billion annually.

According to the study, “4.8–12.7 million metric tons of plastic entered the world’s oceans from land-based sources in 2010 alone.” This mounting pile of trash in our oceans are not only harming the environment but is now having an effect on our wallets.

Dr. Beaumont, one of the lead authors of the study, told the Guardian that she “hoped the study would streamline services to address plastic pollution and help us make informed decisions.”

We share that hope and will continue to Kick Plastic in our lifestyles, doing whatever we can to reduce our plastic footprint and protecting the waters we know and love.

Source: The Inertia, TreeHugger.com.

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