Fly Casting on the Streets of New York?

Desperate to find ways to stay engaged with fly fishing but can’t get out onto the waters you love? In a phenomenally written article for the New York Times, Jon Gluck details a weekly ritual of his, fly casting in the middle of an NYC street in front of his apartment. Jon revels in the peculiarity of his weekly ritual saying:

“But on the particular days I’m describing, my next move isn’t so familiar: I plant myself in the middle of West 12th Street and commence fly-casting — essentially fly-fishing without the fish — slinging 30 or 40 feet of thin nylon line behind me and in front of me, over and over again while stepping in and out of the street in sync with the traffic-light cycles to avoid passing cars, like some kind of bastardized urban version of Brad Pitt in ‘A River Runs Through It,’ God and Norman Maclean forgive me.”

The entire article is well worth a read and dives into the history of “Fly Casting” as a competition and as a means of recreating and relaxing during the COVID-19 outbreak in NYC.

Read the full article, here!

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