A persistant algae bloom off the coast of Northern Norway is decimating farmed and wild salmon by the millions, 8 million to be exact. Algae blooms are not uncommon along the Norweign coast. However, according to Aleksander Balteskard, a representative for several salmon farms in the regions, a persistant bloom like this is very uncommon. Some farmers are reporting 80%-90% fish loss accounting for most of this, and next year’s harvest.

We can only imagine the effects that this bloom are imposing on the wild Atlantic Salmon that also inhabit and move through the same waters. While the loss of farmed fish is a loss, hopefully this bloom will cause farmers to rethink how they manage their farms and the ild salmon will benefit.

Algae blooms have become more and more common in recent years with Florida’s Red Tides coming to the forefront of concern.

Source: Iliana Magra for NYTimes.com.

Title image from Sergey Ponomarev for NYTimes.com.

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