In the midst of this dull state of Quarantine, we’ve seen rivers and roads closed down due to fear of spreading the COVID-19 virus. Now, after being many weeks deep into the work-from-home/ stay at home mentality that now controls our day-to-day, we’ve read the books we’ve wanted to read, we’ve watched the movies we wanted to watch, and some of us have even stooped so low to download dancing lip-sync apps. However, have we asked ourselves; “Have we tied all the flies we’ve wanted to tie?”

Hopefully, your answer to that last one is no. Because here at Flylords, we wanted to find a way to break the mundane monotony of our stationary mentality. That’s why we’re teaming up with Norvise Tying Systems to bring you all the first-ever: Flylords Quarantie Fly Tying Contest!

Norvise quarantie graphic

What is the Quarantie Contest?

We want to challenge the Fly-Fishing community to use this time spent locked up inside to hop back behind the vice and get the creative juices flowing. We are asking for the most creative and ambitious fly tyers in the game to step forward and present us with one of the fishiest and most creative flies they can think to tie. Whether it’s a new take on an old pattern or an original design, we want to see what you all can come up with. Submissions will be judged on their cohesiveness, fishability, and most importantly creativity!

How To Enter:

Entering the contest is simple:

Step 1) Tie up the most creative and devilishly attractive fly you can think of!

Step 2) Take a video or picture of your fly. Extra points if you can record yourself during the whole tie!

Step 3) Make sure you’re following @Nor_vise, and @flylords on Instagram

Step 4) Post your fly to Instagram and tag @Nor_vise and @flylords in your post. Also, make sure to include the hashtag #NorviseQuarantie in the description.

Once you’ve done all that, you’re officially entered in the Quarantie Contest!


On May 14th, we will announce the winner of the contest via instagram, facebook, and our blog. The winner will receive a FREE Norvise Standard Vise (a $400.00 value!), as well as having their video or photo featured in a post on the Flylords website, as well as the Flylords Newsletter!


  1. Each Participant will have until May 7th, 2020 to submit their final creations (see submission details above). Then on May 9th, our panel of judges will select our favorite designs and post them for YOU the community to vote on. The winner will be announced May 14th!
  2. Each participant will be able to submit up to 2 designs.
  3. All entry requirements must be met in order to participate
Svend and Norvise
Image courtesy of Svend Diesel

So, what are you waiting for? Your brand new FREE NORVISE VISE is waiting! Happy Tying!

Special thanks to Norvise for making this contest possible, as well as Svend Diesel, who  helped us kick this whole thing off!

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