As fly fishing photography becomes ever more demanding, people are having to become more creative with their photos in order to stand out from the rest. A new wave of fish photos have emerged, to stand apart from the classic “grip and grin” photos. Here are a few examples of photos that are redefining how fish are documented:

1. The Over/Under

Photo: Christiaan Pretorius (IG: @christiaanpretorius)

This type of photography takes some extra equipment, but in the end, generates some amazing photographs. It gives the viewer two different perspectives at once, showing the angler’s reaction while also showing the fish’s underwater view.

2. Through the Net

Photo: Bryant Patterson (IG: @brpatt)

Using the net as a tool for photography has become very popular lately. It makes for an interesting contrast of colors and really makes the fish stand out. A clear net makes these photos really pop, and I personally think Fishpond nets bring out the best colors for this scenario

3. The “Keep Em’ Wet”

With the “Keep Em’ Wet” movement becoming ever more popular, anglers are trying to document their catches with the least amount of harm possible to the fish. Keeping the fish in the water for photographs not only helps the health of the fish but also makes for a unique angle for photography.

4. The Drip Shot

The “drip shot” is one of the coolest new takes on fly fishing photography. This involves submerging the fish and taking the photo as it is risen out of the water, capturing the fish as water is pouring from its gills.

5. The Release

Photo: Bryant Patterson (IG: @brpatt)

A release photo can be taken many different ways, but shows the importance of catch and release while also making for some cool angles on the fish, This could be the fish on its way back into the water, or maybe just the tail as it is headed back to where it belongs.

Conner Grimes is a member of the Flylords Content Team. Check him out on Instagram @southeastflyfishing!

Photos courtesy of Christiaan Pretorius, Conner Grimes, and Bryant Patterson.

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