New Jersey Protects Trophy Striped Bass, Implements Slot Limit for 2020 Season

We’ve been covering the plight of the Atlantic Striped Bass closely since the ASMFC opened up a comment period on proposed regulations to protect the future of the fishery, and since the ASMFC has set a target to reduce the harvest of Stripers by 18%. One thing is for certain, Striper stocks are hurting and they need these regulations to give them an opportunity to bounce back.

According to, “An ASMFC decision in October set a coast-wide standard regulation for striped bass at one fish between 28 inches and less than 35 inches, but states were given the chance to create their own regulations if those alternatives were projected to reach the target 18% reduction.

The new rules allow anglers to keep one fish between 28 inches and less than 38 inches long, per fishing trip. The rule is what is known as a slot limit because it sets a minimum size and maximum size for fish that can be kept.”

These new rules will now be sent to the ASMFC for final approval, and if ASMFC deems them unsatisfactory, New Jersey will be required to adopt ASMFC’s coast-wide regulation measures.

The new NJ regulations are sort of a mixed bag as they also include provisions for the creation of 27,000 bonus permits, allowing permit holders to harvest an additional striped bass within the slot limit.

For more information on the new New Jersey regulations, check out this article from!

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