Nehalem River in Oregon Receives New Protections

The Nehalem River in Oregon is home to some of the best wild salmon and steelhead runs int he lower 48 states and just received new protections as an Oregon State Scenic Waterway. The river system is the second largest river system in the area behind the mighty Columbia. With wild salmon needing our help more than ever, it’s amazing to see a “salmon stronghold” like the Nehalem getting the protections it deserves, to preserve these steelhead and salmon for generations to come.

From The Wild Salmon Center:

“The State Scenic Waterway designation allows the state to reserve our natural waterways for their scenic, habitat and recreational values that Oregonians hold dear. The designation includes a management plan, determined by input from an advisory committee, that would encourage wise use within a quarter-mile of the river’s bank.”

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