1. The Fish
The river is home to five species of trout: Rainbow, Cutthroat, Cut-Bow, Brown, and Bull. Each species likes different types of water and each is incredible to hook into. Whether you’re just looking to get your rod bent or to land a trophy trout, this river has it all.2. The Scenery
The Blackfoot runs through canyons, cliffs, mountains, and fields, showing many different personalities as you float along. You honestly can’t ask for a better background, even while getting drenched by rain, sleet, and snowflakes the size of silver dollars. 3. The Guides
Your guide can make or break your trip, and the guides from Paws Up Ranch are second to none, they rowed and rowed to make sure we hooked into trout. Despite variable conditions, they managed to find fish and get us hooked up!4. The Wildlife
Whether it was bald eagles soaring overhead, countless deer, elk, and buffalo. The wildlife Montana and the Blackfoot drainage has to offer is spectacular. Not to mention the rivers thousands of wild trout. 5. The History
As many of you probably know, Norman Maclean’s novella, “A River Runs Through It” is set along the Blackfoot River. The river has seen good and bad times and right now is one of the best. The wild fish populations are up again and continue to grow in number and quality!6. The Accommodations
If you want to fish the Blackfoot, look no further than Paws Up. Ten miles of the river runs straight through the ranch property. The dining experience and the resort’s luxurious lodging make coming home from the river even better. Nothing beats sitting in a jacuzzi under Montana’s big sky talking the day’s events and reliving the ones that got away.

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Big thanks to The Resort at Paws Up for hosting us! If you are interested in booking a stay please shoot us an email to theflylords@gmail.com!

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