Flylords presents “Mosquitos & Mayflies,” a short video series by Swedish fly fishing filmmaker Rolf Nylinder. He has been producing unique fly fishing films for some time now. With an extremely creative and oddball approach to portraying this beautiful sport, Rolf has quickly created a name for himself in the fly fishing industry. Here is Episode III: Finnmark

Mosquitoes & mayflies - ep 3 still 1
Finnmark is a dry fly fishing paradise at the very northern edge of Europe. When Håvard and I arrived there was a strong wind blowing from the north and 7 degrees Celsius. We tried to handle the situation with a whiskey bottle and a cheap cabin. It turned out to be more difficult than I expected. Mosquitoes & mayflies - ep 3 still 2You have different friends for different occasions, and Håvard is a good friend while fishing, but after two days in the tiny cabin I started to get fed up with the endless flow of jazz-references. Only an unexpected mayfly hatch could save our friendship.
This is episode 3. Here are episode 1 and episode 2 Mosquitoes & mayflies - ep 3 still 3
I go way back with this mayfly, Ephemera Vulgata,
To watch the mosquitoes die a slow death is perhaps the most satisfying part of the day.
Mosquitoes & mayflies - ep 3 still cred

You can find Rolf on Instagram @rolfnylinder.


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