Flylords presents “Mosquitos & Mayflies,” a short video series by Swedish fly fishing filmmaker Rolf Nylinder. He has been producing unique fly fishing films for some time now. With an extremely creative and oddball approach to portraying this beautiful sport, Rolf has quickly created a name for himself in the fly fishing industry. Here is Episode II: The Act of Killing Trout.

The most important skill for a catch & release fly fisher is probably to be able to cook good porridge. Much like the successful fly fishermen Frederik Hamrå and Johan Jonsson. Neither Håvard or me have any skill at that, so we are forced to go old-school and catch & kill. In the second episode of this little series, we’re still by Parkipaiccajohka in Finland.


Finding food isn’t a problem during the arctic summer there are other difficulties. During the second day by the river, we lost around 3.4 liters of blood to the mosquitoes. Not too bad, just about average for a good day of fishing out there.


Håvard cooking

outro credit

You can find Rolf on Instagram @rolfnylinder. And be sure to check out Episode I: Somewhere Else.

Flylords Presents: MOSQUITOES & MAYFLIES – EP1