Flylords Presents: MOSQUITOES & MAYFLIES – EP1

Flylords presents “Mosquitos & Mayflies,” a short video series by Swedish fly fishing filmmaker Rolf Nylinder. He has been producing unique fly fishing films for some time now. With an extremely creative and oddball approach to portraying this beautiful sport, Rolf has quickly created a name for himself in the fly fishing industry. 

Every summer I collect some fly fishing footage but I rarely have a plan what to do with it. This winter I decided to put together some sort of web series that will be called “Mosquitoes & Mayflies”.


This episode is from when me and Håvard (from jazz and fly fishing)  visited a very special river in northern Finland. It’s a well-kept secret due to its enormous trouts and massive mayfly hatches.


I got some great reviews on the film:

“The first half didn’t really do it for me, but I like the second half” / Peter A Christensen – fly fisher and anthropologist.

“The middle part is a little too long and slow” / Frederik Laks Lorentzen – fly shop owner ( ved vandet ) and film maker.


Check out the Faces of Fly Fishing article of Rolf below or give him a follow on Instagram @rolfnylinder.

Faces of Fly Fishing: Rolf Nylinder