Montana Anglers and Businesses Call for River Preservation Task Force

After one of the hottest summers in recent history, Montana anglers, and businesses that depend on cold water have had enough of the state’s lacking efforts to preserve the Treasure State’s southwestern waters. Last week, a panel of advocates for Montana’s fisheries discussed the summers intensity, and spoke about the need for the state’s action to protect the resource many depend upon for their livelihoods.

“In our area, you can pretty much predict what kind of summer you’re going to have based upon the first two weeks of June. The first two weeks of June, if we get any precipitation or it remains cool, we’ll make it through August,” said Mike Bias, Fishing Outfitters Association of Montana executive director. “Well, the first two weeks of June were wicked hot. Everything was showing that it was going to be a tough year, and then, low and behold, it was.”

To read more about the meeting, and the groups call for action from the state, check out this article from KPAX8!

Source: KPAX8

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