Meet the Artist Who Paints with Flies and Fly Rods

You’ve probably never heard of Ben Miller, but once you finish reading this, you’ll be dreaming of owning one of his unique paintings. Simply put, Ben paints with a fly rod, line and reel, and some innovative, hand-tied “paintbrush flies”. Ben’s work first popped onto our feed from an article by Chicago’s WTTW and the above film about his work.

From WTTW:

“Rhythms of the River, directed by Manabu Inada follows artist Ben Miller as he travels through the rivers of Colorado and Montana. Beautifully shot on location over the course of twelve months, this revealing short film explores Miller’s personal history, creative process and captures the creation of the first of Miller’s large-scale river mural”

If you happen to be in the Chicago area this weekend (April 10th) you can see Ben Miller at work, starting at 10:30 a.m at McCormick Bridgehouse and Chicago River Museum on the Riverwalk at Michigan Avenue.

His artwork has even inspired collaboration with the Japanese fashion brand, South2 West8, on a collection of clothing inspired by his artwork, with half of the proceeds going to support the very rivers Ben’s art is meant to help protect.

You can learn more about Ben Miller, his process and see his artwork at the links below:


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