Madison River Boat Rescue

Clacka Craft Boat

Everyone who’s rowed a boat understands you either have flipped or your going to. Over on the Madison River, the Trout Stalkers crew came to the rescue to save this ClackaCraft from becoming a permanent fixture on the river bottom.

Clacka Craft Boat

There is no AAA to call when this happens!

Clacka Rescue Photo

This river is our home and we ride to the rescue to help anyone in distress out there.

Clacka Rescue

Some gear was lost, but nobody was hurt in the wreck or the rescue.

Bucket Boat

All’s well that ends well, and it was a spectacular evening for a swim in the Madison!

Photos and rescue efforts courtesy of Joe Dilschneieder and the whole Trout Stalkers team, Nick Peterson, John Kelley, Eric and Anni Shores. Give them a follow on instagram @montanatroutstalkers and be sure to give them a call when your planning your next trip to the Madison River.

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