Lybalakh – In Search of Giant Arctic Char

We are extremely excited to be releasing some behind the scenes photos from Keith Rose-Innes’s latest trip to Siberia. Keith was searching for some of the largest Char in the world and these photos will bring you along on the incredible journey.


A trip to the remote Siberian mountains in search of giant arctic char, Keith Rose-Innes tells the story of how the Russian fly fishing explorer, Ilya Shebovich managed to research photos and intel from the nomadic reindeer herders to lead a trip into one of the wildest frontiers.


The anglers are challenged by extreme weather fluctuations, mosquitos, a lake that is more than 160 meters deep and a fish species that don’t give themselves up easily.


It’s a story of flying to various lakes, making hundreds of thousands of casts when finally the team turn to the insights from the local reindeer herder.


This confuses the matter further rather than adding clarity and it takes fourteen days of casting flies into the deep, shallows and surface of the crystal clear Siberian lakes before things finally start to pay off.


The mission of catching a really big arctic char leads on through night and day when finally at 3 am in the dying stages of the trip Matt Solomon manages to entice and land a monster.


Stay tuned as Keith will be releasing his trailer for this epic journey very soon. Make sure to give him a follow on Instagram @keithroseinnes to stay up to date.




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