Little Red River Monster – 33” Brown Trout

Just like hunting, people only see the end result when you see the pictures of success. What people don’t see are the endless nights spent on the river. Hours on hours of casting in the dark. Constantly perfecting a fly pattern that is meant to hunt these trophy fish. All the nights we fish 8+ hours and leaving empty-handed. The nights we are having to thaw our rods off in the river between casts because it’s 16 degrees. The amount of river knowledge it takes to know exactly where you are in a river in complete darkness.

Throwing flies in the dark and knowing how to work each section of river. A lot of things have to come together to make it happen. I’ve been throwing flies in the dark with @austa_pasta_47 for a couple of years now and we never cease to have a great time regardless if we get skunked or not! All that time spent on the river finally paid off with this 33” Brown Trout!

Fish and article from Cody Griffin, a guide on the Little Red River. Check him out on Instagram at @finandfeatherflyfishing.

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