Javohn Garbutt – a perpetually happy and energetic 8-year-old – is the youngest son of legendary Belize fishing guide Thomas “Scully” Garbutt of Punta Gorda, Belize. On June 25, Javohn was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Scully and his family own and operate Garbutt’s Fishing Lodge. The Garbutt’s also guide out of Copal Tree Lodge formerly known as Bel Campo Lodge, a popular destination for many anglers.

Javohn is currently receiving emergency treatment at Children’s Hospital Colorado. He is scheduled for brain surgery this week. As non-US citizens, the hospital has, of course, asked for full payment of nearly $180,000 prior to performing the operation.

Scully is kind, beyond generous, and an absolute pleasure to spend time with. Scully is a full-time fishing guide, and Doret is an elementary school teacher. They are both taking time away from work to care for Javohn and their family, and it is likely that they will have to be in Denver for several weeks.

A Go Fund Me page is set up for Javohn Garbutt and his family. The Garbutts are an extraordinary family, with an incredibly caring spirit. They contribute so much to their community and make all visiting anglers feel at home.

Please rally around them now, in their moment of need. If you are interested in helping, please visit the Go Fund Me page by clicking on the link below.


Thank you for caring. Scully, Doret, Javohn, and the entire Garbutt family appreciate your support.

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