Gear Review: Norfork Expedition Sea Run Travel Case

In this gear review, we will be taking a look at the all-new Norfork Expedition Travel Case from Sea Run Cases. This new case comes in at a more friendly price point of $399.00, lower than their previous extra luxury models that are around the $500.00 mark. With a simplified interior, the Norfork Case is designed with the everyday angler in mind. As always we were extremely excited to get our hands on one of these new Italian-made premium travel cases from Sea Run.

To break in the Norfork Expedition Travel Case we took it along with us to Northern Russia, where we put it to the test, taking it through 5 different airports, a helicopter, a hovercraft, and a daily dose of jet boat rides. Read on below to learn more about our experience with this new case from Sea Run Cases.

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Upon Opening:

Given that we had taken the original Expedition Travel Case on a few different trips, we were excited to receive the new Norfork Case. The case arrived very similarly to the Original Expedition, the patented double-wall composite exterior of the case glimmered its ruggedness. The ABS Construction of the exterior feels like it could take a beating, similarly to when you pick up a hard YETI Cooler. Scratchproof, dustproof, critter-proof, and even TSA proof!

After unlocking the stainless steel TSA Compliant combination locks, the interior of the case is where details were made more simple than the original Expedition Case. Instead of having hand-lined Italian canvas on the inside of this case, there is marine-grade closed-celled foam that lines the inside. Making this case more friendly for on-the-water use than the other models. The inside of this case can get a little wet and the foam won’t absorb water like on the other canvas-lined travel cases. A plus for anglers that are using their case on the water in wet environments.

What also stood out was the open layout of the case, its extra-deep bottom compartments were able to fit four large arbor reels (as seen above) along with the standard terminal tackle. Our favorite feature of this case is the separator where the rods are and where the bottom compartment is. This screams “safety” for the precious fly rods.

Field Testing:

Our team has had the opportunity to bring the new Norfork Expedition Case on a two-week trip to the northern tundra of Russia. Find out how it fared below! 

Norfork Expedition Case in Russia:

First and foremost if it wasn’t for the Norfork Expedition Case I wouldn’t have had any fly reels, rods, lines, or other terminal tackle. The 5 plane rides from the United States, meant that my checked luggage was lost. Lucky for me I had the Norfork Expedition Travel Case as a carry-on. I was able to fit all of the basic fishing equipment in the case, as well as an extra pair of fishing pants a shirt, which saved me big time with the lost luggage.

The fitted canvas cover for the Norfork case made it easy to travel through the various airports and was no problem fitting into the overhead compartments on the airplanes. On the last flight since the plane was so tiny, the gate agent asked me to gate check the case. I had no problem doing this as the TSA locks gave me the confidence that the thousands and thousands of dollars of fly fishing gear would not get messed with. Making this case a nice insurance investment.

Upon arriving in Russia, we boarded a Russian M8 Helicopter that took us to the middle of the tundra where we would chase Atlantic Salmon for the next two weeks.

The Norfork Case was the perfect boat companion when we were on the trip. We were able to bring a good amount of extra reels, rods, lines, and tippet, for the changing conditions of the Atlantic salmon fishery. We ended up breaking two different fly rods during the trip so having backups was nice. The Russian tundra had rainy days, sunny days, and even close to snowy days. The new Norfork Case held up to these conditions and will always be an essential piece of gear for fly fishing travel trips across the world.

Final Review:


4 star rating


5 star rating


4 star rating


5 star rating


5 star rating


4 star rating


4 star rating


4 star rating


With a price point of $399.00, the all-new Norfork Expedition Travel Case is a necessity for the traveling angler. The bulletproof exterior and weatherproof interior of the case makes this piece of equipment one that will most definitely last a lifetime. The TSA locks provide a sense of security and insurance that your fishing trip will go as planned. And not to mention being organized with your fishing gear on a travel trip can only mean more time for fishing.

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Gear Review: Sea Run Travel Case


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