Easy Steps to Improve Your Roll Cast

In this video by Mad River Outfitters, Brian Flechsig demonstrates the proper technique for an excellent Roll Cast and the several variations you might use in different situations. This video is excellent for beginners and experienced anglers alike who are looking for some more instruction on how to get that line to layout on the water. So often while fly fishing you are unable to complete a full cast, and Brian does an outstanding job demonstrating how to get the most out of your Roll Cast.

Mad River Outfitters’ Youtube Channel has an excellent series of videos that serve as a great resource for anglers looking for everything from just improving their cast, to tying, and even reviews of popular new gear.

This film was created by Mad River Outfitter. Be sure to check out more of his films on the Mad River Outfitter YouTube page.

These instructional videos are curated and written by team member Sam McLean (@sam_d_mclean).

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