IGFA Announces Rule Change on Dropper Flies

Multi-fly rig anglers, nymphers, and dry-droppers rejoice! You can now break and claim IGFA world records on dropper flies. On May 14th, IGFA voted in favor of allowing 2-fly rigs, are we’re sure many record-chasers are eager to set new records. Check out the full release from IGFA below!

IGFA approved dropper fly rigs
The three allowable dropper-fly rigs according to IGFA

From IGFA:

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) recently announced a change to its International Angling Rules, which are widely considered as the official rules of sport fishing. The recent change now allows anglers that are fly fishing to use two separate flies, or a dropper fly arrangement, as they are commonly known.

‘Dropper flies have been used by fly anglers for years and are a regularly accepted practice in the world of fly fishing for certain species,’ said IGFA President Jason Schratwieser. ‘This rule change to allow dropper flies is a great example of how the IGFA is committed to remaining relevant to the angling community while not compromising the intent of our rules and the principles of ethical angling and sportsmanship.’

Approved unanimously by the IGFA’s Board of Directors, the new rule outlined below is effective immediately.

Dropper flies are permissible only for fishing for Salmonid species (e.g., trout, grayling, salmon, etc.) under the following configuration:

1. Dropper flies may consist of no more than two flies fished in tandem that are surface flies, subsurface flies, or a combination of the two.

2. The material connecting the two flies must be equal to or less than the breaking strength of the class tippet material connecting the lead fly to the fly leader.

3. Catches will be categorized by the breaking strength of the class tippet preceding the lead fly, no matter which fly the fish is caught on.

Prior to making their decision on this rule change, the IGFA consulted several prominent angling organizations including Trout Unlimited (TU), Wild Salmon Center (WSC), Japan Game Fish Association (JGFA), members of the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame, and more.”

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