IF4 Releases 2020 Film List & Trailers

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival features short and feature-length fly fishing films from around the globe highlighting the passion, lifestyle, and culture of fly fishing. Every year they feature some incredible films and we’re excited to share this year’s line up of films with you!

One Fish

“Trying to catch lightning and put it in a bottle,” the film takes an inside look at the fishery, guides, and the prized fish the permit in the small country of Belize. The film features Blue Horizon Belize guides including Lincoln Westly and Marlon Leslie. As well as the talented El Pescador Fishing Lodge guide Junior Acosta and the famous guides from Punta Gorda Scully Garbutt and Victor Jacobs. They share how important the fishery in Belize is to them and how we can protect the fishery for future generations by taking proactive steps to Ban Gill Nets in Belize.

Filmmaker: Damien Nurre and Joel Ruby 

Particles & Droplets

“In a universe where two realms collide there is something beautiful and mysterious hidden to the untrained eye. We live in a world consisting of particles and solids, whereas they come from a world of droplets and flowing liquid. For us, there’s an adventure waiting each time out, but will we make the effort to enjoy what’s before us? Immerse yourself in this adventure only at IF4™ in 2020!”

Filmmaker: Gilbert Rowley

The Mend

“The father-son relationship is a nuanced ecosystem in and of itself. But, life tends to get extra complicated when career and kin collide. In this heartfelt portrait, we look back with Ed and Rex Heiby as they rehash the destruction of their relationship, awkwardly grapple with reconciliation, and joyfully look forward to the passing of the torch. Only at IF4™ in 2020!”

Filmmaker: Broc Isabelle

Aurora Fontinalis

“Follow the boys from InTents Media as they again travel northward to the Northern land of giant brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis). Watch as they traverse the green landscape while the northern lights (aurora borealis) drip colors into the sides of the beautiful fish. Enjoy the sight of rodent eating monster brook trout exploding on surface flies and follow along with many other exciting fish stories along the way! Only at IF4™ in 2020!”

Filmmaker: InTents Media


“Join Hooké as they head to Nunavik in search of Arctic Char. Follow us on this Arctic fishing adventure in a wild, unspoiled arctic marine environment where we are not at the top of the food chain. The land of the Inuit and Nanuk, the white bear. Huge tides, ever-changing landscapes, incredible biodiversity and huge Arctic char make this adventure one we will never forget. Only at IF4™ in 2020!”

Filmmaker: Hooké

Nine Foot Rod

Nine Foot Rod is the story of four fly-fishing guides who embark on a fly-fishing trip to Oman in search of large GTs and Indo-Pacific Permit. Running headfirst into a stigma that demonizes their destination, the crew face their fears with honesty and vulnerability; searching for a greater understanding of the region and its people. Raw and emotional, the film speaks of a larger experience, where trepidation and fear are transformed with insight and awareness. On their journey, the guides are reminded of the thread that binds humanity, regardless of race, religion, and class; and come home forever changed and imbued with a greater love of people. Only at IF4™ in 2020!”

Filmmaker: Dana Lattery

The Bull Run

The Bull Run follows Meredith McCord through the dense forests and fast-moving streams of the Rocky Mountains, north of the 49th Parallel, in pursuit of her first bull trout (Salvelinus Confluentus). The Bull Run captures the essence of the wilderness and the adventure of fly fishing at the base of the rugged Rocky Mountains. Only at IF4™ in 2020!”

Filmmaker: Levent Kovacs

Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion highlights the inspirational story of fly chasing guru Maxine McCormick. This story follows Maxine on her journey to becoming a world fly casting champion. Poetry in Motion stresses the importance of fly casting, becoming a better fly caster and how that relates to becoming a better angler. Only at IF4 in 2020!”

Filmmaker: Burl Productions


Trailer coming soon…

“For most anglers, a 30-inch trout is a fish of a lifetime. To catch one that is truly wild and native is even rarer still. However, every fall on the Naknek River in Bristol Bay Alaska, fish like this are caught virtually every day. AK30 explores the suspense, drama, and beauty of chasing these truly wild rainbow trout. Only at IF4 in 2020!”

Filmmaker: Hog Leg Fly Fishing

You can see the full IF4 2020 Schedule, here!

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