Dear friends, I hope this message finds you well wherever you maybe today. Three years ago I reached out on behalf of my friend Chad Kendrick, at the time, he just became a new father and was an able-bodied lifelong outdoor enthusiast and environmental advocate. In other words, ONE OF US. Since that time, his disease has stripped just about everything away. He never once has been able to hold his son, River. He can’t enjoy simple pleasures or our wild places anymore as ALS has claimed all of his mobility. It is now starting to take his breathing and ability to eat.
I’m calling on our community once again, PLEASE click the link below to help Chad get one more round of Stem Cells. His family, his son River, deserves a bit more time with him. This may not save his life, but it will prolong it just a little while. A good human like Chad is beneficial for us all to have on this Earth. Anything helps and thank you.
Chad and I have been through a lot together and have enjoyed many adventures in which I am grateful. I am a better man because of his friendship and I wouldn’t ask such a favor if he didn’t mean the world to me.
Chad is a man of humble origins and doesn’t like to ask for help, so on behalf of this good man and his loving family, I appreciate you helping one of our own. Thanks so very much. #SaveChad
From fellow friend and angler, Andy Best.

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