Iconic Dutch John, Utah Dam Dumpster Painted Over

Now, this is certainly one of the more niche news stories I’ve been asked to cover, but when fly fishing cultural sites like the iconic Dutch John Dam Dumpster are destroyed, we know we need to take a stand.


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For those familiar with fishing around Dutch John, Utah, you’ve probably spotted the iconic “sticker dumpster” found in the dam launch parking lot. The dumpster was caked in stickers from around the fly fishing industry dating back decades, and even featured one of our favorites that simply stated, “F*ck Flylords”, a sticker that has brought us countless tags on Instagram, plenty of exposure, and even more self-deprecating jokes.

What the dumpster looked like 2 years ago before the painting. Via @ColbyDCrossland

We guess someone just had enough, or maybe saw a sticker they didn’t take too kindly to. Unfortunately for all, we’re just going to have to start fresh with a new layer of fly fishing and rafting sticker just to stick it to the man!

If you’d like to donate stickers to the redecorate the old can, you can ship them to Colby at:

Dam Dumpster
P.O. Box 216
Dutch John, Utah 84023


  1. It’s sad when people can’t leave things they don’t understand alone. I’m thinking that I need a road trip. A fresh layer of stickers won’t hurt a thing.

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