How to Tie: The Smoky Mountain Stimulator

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Piscator Flies gives us another fantastic tutorial on how to tie the Smoky Mountain Stimulator.

Difficulty: Intermediate

The Smoky Mountain Stimulator is a small variation on the traditional dry fly pattern that has been a staple in fly boxes since the 80s. By changing the color and size, you can imitate a wide array of aquatic insects such as adult stoneflies, alder flies, caddis, or terrestrials. Employing hackle and deer hair in the body allows for high floatation and serves as the perfect top fly in a hopper dropper rig.

Warm summer months mean terrestrials and replacing that indicator with a Smoky Mountain Stimulator. Do not overlook the best time of the year to see a trout porpoise a fly from an undercut in a bank. One dressing of strong floatant will ensure this dry rides high for the entire day. If being used in a hopper dropper rig, be sure to choose an appropriately sized dropper that does not inhibit floatation.

Depending on the hatches and insects on the water, various colors and sizes of the Smoky Mountain Stimulator should be tied. Every day offers different conditions and slight changes can go a long way in late summer. Smaller sizes when water is low and clear will increase your chances with those finicky fish. For many, the most difficult time of summer is upon us. By using the Smoky Mountain Stimulator, you have the variation and versatility to effectively fish these tricky dog day situations.


Now you know how to tie the Smoky Mountain Stimulator.

Video and ingredients courtesy of Piscator Flies.

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