#CleanMyWater : Nationwide Cleanup Contest for Trout Week

Coming this Trout Week, a redesigned, grassroots campaign will be at the forefront: Clean My Water. Clean My Water is an initiative designed to rally together all users of local waterways for the betterment of our backyards. Originally a brainchild of the North Georgia Trout Unlimited community, this movement has since caught the eye of Trout Unlimited folks across the nation. Join along as we make a difference in our local waterways.

Clean My Water Participant
Photo Courtesy of Winged Reel

Participation is easy and fun, aimed at getting you and your community outside doing what you love.

  1. Go fishing on your favorite water body

  2. Pick up trash on your way off the water

  3. Snap a photo of your haul and slap #CleanMyWater and @cleanmywater on Instagram

Click the link for more information and be sure to follow along on Clean My Water’s Instagram because BIG prizes have your name on them! 

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