How to Tie: The Simple Streamer Fly

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Svend Diesel gives us a great tutorial on how to tie the Simple Streamer Fly.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Novice

If you are new to fly tying and want to tie some effective yet easy streamers, this is the fly for you. The “Simple Streamer” as it is coined, is just that – simple. The reason this tie is so easy is due to minimal materials being needed to achieve this life-like creation. While the fly looks odd at first, it is extremely effective in the water. Don’t let its looks fool you.

Depending on how you want the fly to ride will depend on how you tie the lead eyes in. If you want the fly to ride hook point up, you’ll tie the lead eyes on top. The eyes are tied on the bottom of the shank if you want the fly to ride hook point down. Over-under wraps are a perfect way to secure the lead eyes to the hook shank. This fly is tied with two of the most important colors of marabou, Olive and White. You can’t go wrong if you have these two ingredients in your tying arsenal.

While most streamers are tied with chenille or polar flash, this streamer is tied with FNF Creeper wrap. This unique body material adds a very life-like look to the streamer as the long stringy fibers flutter in the current. No matter what body material you are using, make sure to wrap it as tight and as full as you can to create a nice bump for the head to sit on. Feel free to add your finishing touches to the fly. Svend uses sharpie to add barring and color to the head but use your creativity and make this fly as life-like as you’d like. Secure everything with super glue or a similar product to ensure the streamer’s longevity and you’re set.


  • Hook: Ahrex Hooks TP615 sizes 1/0-4
  • Thread: Semperfli waxed thread 6/0
  • Eyes: Lead eyes for weight, medium or large. Can also use brass eyes or bead chain Tail and
  • Head: Natures Spirit Fly Tying fish hunter marabou in white UV and sculpin olive
  • Body: FNF Creeper in White
  • Other Tools: Sharpie, UV resin, Z-Ment (Super glue)

Now you know how to tie the The Simple Streamer.

Video and Ingredients courtesy of Svend Diesel.

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