How to Tie: The Parawulff

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Charlie Craven with Charlie’s Fly Box ties a dry fly that every angler should be tying this winter, the Parawulff.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

Moving into the spring, two things are constantly on my mind: warm weather and dry flies. After a brutally cold winter, I think I can speak for many when I say spring is needed. Tying flies throughout the winter is a fantastic way to pass the time, but nothing beats time on the water. When I think of summer dry fly fishing, the flies that come to mind are the Parachute Adams and the Parawulff, and both should always be in your box.

The Parawulff is similar to the Parachute Adams, but the post is split into two parts similar to all Wulff dry flies. This pattern can be tied in a variety of sizes and colors, especially to imitate a mayfly hatch in your area. In general, this is a great surveying fly and is perfect for tricking those finicky trout to come up to the surface. Once those water temps rise and larger insect hatches become more prevalent, do not leave the house without this pattern.

Whether on small blue lines on a map or larger rivers, this is a fantastic fly. Small stream fishing often calls for dry dropper setups, and this pattern is perfect in those technical environments. For larger rivers during the summer, fishing this pattern in a double dry rig is extremely effective. The Parawulff is the perfect dry pattern to master before those warm temps hit, and you’ll only be wishing you learned to tie it earlier!


Now you know how to tie the Parawulff!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Charlie Craven.

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