How to Tie: The Full Pint Streamer

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Troubitten ties his own creation and a streamer that should be fished during cooler months to provoke big hungry trout, the Full Pint Streamer.

Difficulty: Hard

Winter in many places of the country is now in effect. Waters are cool and cooling more by the day with temperatures continuously dropping. Trout inevitably become more lethargic during this time, but the Full Pint Streamer will bring out the worst in big trout looking for a larger meal item. During the winter months, throwing streamers is an exciting break from nymphing all day and should not be counted out.

The mallard and marabou used in the body of this fly, paired with a heavy conehead, create movement that trout unequivocally love. This is crucial during the colder months to entice a bite. Only reaching about 3.5 inches long, this articulated streamer imitates a small vulnerable baitfish exceptionally. The Full Pint Streamer may be smaller than other famous articulated streamers, but its profile and production compete with the best.

This winter, the Full Pint Streamer should be in every streamer box when on the water. Tying this fly will take time and patience, but the final product is worth every minute. Accompanied by your favorite pint or beverage, this can become a night cap experience on any cold winter day. Enjoy the experience and be excited for the outcome while tying the Full Pint Streamer.


  • Hooks: Gamakatsu B10s (#4 for rear, #2 for front)
  • Connection: 19 strand Beadalon wire, with 6mm red-orange acrylic bead
  • Thread: White Uni Thread 6/0
  • Conehead: Large Copper Cone (front hook)
  • Weight: 15 wraps of .025” Lead Wire (front hook)
  • Tail: Tan Marabou
  • Body and Collar Dubbing: Hareline Superfine Dry Fly Dubbin (Sulphur Orange)
  • Body: Mallard flank natural and Mallard flank dyed wood duck color (tan/brown)

Now you know how to tie the Full Pint Streamer.

Video and ingredients courtesy of Troutbitten.

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