How To Tie: The Frenchie (Egan’s Frenchie)

Exciting, as well as surprisingly productive, the Frenchie (or, the Egan’s Frenchie as FlyFishFood has named this specific tie), is a world-renowned nymph. Diversify your fly box by following along with Fly Fish Food in their helpful video on how to tie the Egan’s Frenchie.

Learn About This Fly

For traditional American Anglers, the Frenchie pattern has been met with some hesitant embrace. Utilizing a jig head hook setup, mixed with flashy/ colorful materials laid over a traditional pheasant tail body, this is nymph far from something you’ll find in your grandfather’s fly box.

However, in recent years, with the rise in popularity of European style nymphing in the U.S., these types of flies have begun to soar in popularity. Often found in the fly boxes of competition anglers, the simple, yet eloquent build of this fly often surprises new users with its impeccable effectiveness. The “hot spot” on this pheasant tail fly, or so where the dubbing and final wrap is found, acts as an attractor to hungry trout who will often take the fly for an easy lunch.

The Frenchie can be tied in a multitude of variations, but the Egan’s style has shown to be very effective, and of course, looks great on a vise. This fly is a fun and easy tie that never fails in yielding results.


  • Hanak H 400 BL jig hook (size 14)
  • UTC ultrathread 70 Denier (Red)
  • Hareline Slotted Gold Tungsten Beads 7/64″
  • Lead Wire .010
  • Whiting Coq De Leon Tailing (Tail can also be constructed from Ringneck Pheasant tail)
  • Nature’s Spirit Ringneck Pheasant Center Tails (Muskrat Gray)
  • UTC ultrawire (copper) (small)
  • Ice Dub Dubbing (UV pink shrimp)


Video and Materials courtesy of Fly Fish Food 

This article was written by Flylords Team Member Wills Donaldson

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